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Solopreneurship tips

Things I learned being an entrepreneur (2015-2020):

  1. Don’t expect clients to pay for your generosity, kindness, mistakes, ignorance, learning curve, etc.

  2. Don’t try to make clients your friends. As the saying goes, don’t mix business with pleasure.

  3. For women: Don’t go out with male clients. Their expectations will change toward you.

  4. Be able to articulate clearly the value of your business.

  5. Educate your clients without overwhelming them, or else you might kill a sale.

  6. Whatever you do even unintentionally, the customer will always blame you.

  7. Don’t overcompensate for acceptance or to get business. Don’t sell yourself short.

  8. The value of your service should be reflected in the price. Always price higher to account for discounts, promotions, sales.

  9. Love what you do, don’t let people make you hate it. (ex. client who would not accept my offer to correct a mistake, I concluded: “She makes me hate I’m so good at what I do.”)

  10. Know your limits physically, mentally, socially and don’t let people make you feel any less because of them.

  11. Don’t do business with people who are angry with the world or live in the past. They will try and make you pay “the bill” every time.

  12. Be organized, be proactive, and anticipate/customize your client’s needs. Don’t take advantage of their ignorance.

  13. Always be willing to walk away, cut ties, or salvage a deal if the stress takes over your life.

  14. Your life is a business, grow it!

  15. Your life and all of its affairs (family, relationships, school, religion, business, health, finances, etc.) reflect not how you feel about yourself, but what you truly BELIEVE about yourself.

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