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MLK Day! See the Bigger Picture

Main Course: "I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 3:14). NKJV

Never in the history of mankind, not even in biblical times have slave masters had the intentions or plans to ever give their slaves freedom, equality, or reparations. It has been always forced on them either by law or rebellion (cf. Jerm 34:14; Ex. 21:2). Taskmasters see them as slaves, and they will always be slaves to them. And to ensure this position of dominance, they create laws and systems to re-enforce them. In their mind, the slave will never rule, reign or dominate to be greater or as great as they are in position. But this is not so in the Kingdom of God where His purpose for His people will prevail regardless of man's intention or his status (cf. 1 Sam. 9:21). It becomes paramount that we, as African Americans focus and channel our efforts toward the bigger picture (God's purpose and His destiny, not man's destiny for us). We were brought over here to America for one purpose and that was to be slaves, BUT the purposes of God are different, so we must base our foundation on hope and not on false expectations (a plan not orchestrated by God (Jerm. 29:11-12).

A few weeks ago, it may even be a month now, I heard, "Get out of the struggle, get out of the struggle." To tell you the truth, I didn't even know what that meant because I was so part of it. I didn't realize these types of cultural traditions and values were crippling and debilitating my mental and spiritual growth/maturity in Christ. As I wrestled to understand how to separate myself, yet not feel like I was abandoning the cause of my people, I repeated the phrase over a few times to myself. It is just been a few days since the authenticity of the message: to get out of the struggle is starting to take shape, form, and meaning - become practical truth. And as a result, surprisingly, there's a new peace and less agitation when I see unwarranted injustices. This is in no way ignoring the problem, but understanding the purpose and process that unfolds as I observe the problem. With this wisdom and newfound understanding, I can focus on the higher call, my destiny, and the destiny of my people. We can't continue to get caught up in the nuisances of life. Although they are important, someone has to fight for the greater cause, which is to prosper and be promoted into places of power that gives God authority to rule and reign by His Spirit (wisdom) in the earth realm to correct those injustices. We see this so evident in the life of Joseph in the the Bible. And by the way, "sellouts" are disqualified, dependence upon the arm of the flesh won't rise. They will have the baker's destiny, be killed off because they are of no value to the kingdom (Gen 40; John 15:1-5).

Don't get distracted by the turmoil, protests, riots, murders seen and unseen. It is just a smokescreen to try and convince this generation and the generation ahead that no real progress has been made. It is a strategy and a ploy to discourage us and make us give up when in fact the drama is a counter-reaction to God's agenda. Don't panic or become disillusioned, our time has come. But the enemy wants us to be so engrossed and infused in the "fight" that we miss it, not seize our moment. However, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will do so. Although, we are hunted and targeted for wrong reasons, God has already set aside and protected a remnant - a tenth/the tithe (Is. 6: 13). Joseph was a title offering for his generation to preserve God's people and purpose (Gen. 45:5). So no matter what evil was around him, it could not touch him (Is. 54:17; Job 2:6; Ps. 34:7; 91:3-7). It could not ruin his destiny God had in store for him, which was to be fruitful in the land of his affliction (Gen. 41:52; 49:22; cf. Ps. 34:19; 91:14-15; 1 Cor 2:9, Eph. 3:20).

So our prayer should be: "Lord, where have you assigned me to be in the land of my affliction for surely your thoughts and plans for me are good." "Lord, where have you called me to have power, influence, authority, and dominion to effect change in people's lives". This should be our mindset and prayer plane/perspective as Africans in a strange land.

Overall, our goal is not to obtain equality, but it is to be promoted and placed in power - a door that no man can open, a door no person can shut (cf. Rev. 3:8). The prior moments embedded in the fiber of history and people who served their generation simply answered their call. They prepared the way for us to now focus on the higher call -. to be vessels of honor. that our lifestyles would convict and call nations and kingdoms back to God (Jerm. 1:4-10; cf. Daniel, 3 Hebrew boys). This is our destiny....

We must rise above to see - to see the bigger picture: God's purpose. You are not a slave, you are greater! (1 Jn 4:4; cf. Eccles. 2:26, Heb. 13:21 ).


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