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Between a Rock and Hard Place

Main Course: For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another (Psalm 75:6-7).

I believe Trump is a sign to all those who have ever felt like they didn’t belong, are inadequate, or will never be significant in the kingdom/world. Know that if God can raise someone up out of obscurity without a background conductive to the office or position, his occupancy gives one hope that it will be the hand of God upon your life (not your past experiences) that brings you to a certain place for a particular purpose (even though you won’t be popular). cf. Meghan Markle

According to Psalm 75:6-7, promotion comes from God. Sadly, most of us are blinded by our own fleshly and cultural differences, and the majority of the time we do not like what God chooses for us. The funny thing about answered prayer is that we can make our request known to God, but He ultimately decides when and how He answers it. And just for the record, it’s always in alignment with His will and plan. Therefore, as born-again believers, we must put the kingdom’s agenda before ours.

Interestingly enough what seems to be disturbing is that the religious sect oftentimes try to glorify the personality and convince people that Trump is born again, but we know that God used many kings and rulers in the Old Testament who were wicked and half-hearted to carry out his plan. So let’s not read more into the situation than what it really is – Trump is being used by God which does not necessarily mean he worships and serves Him. We all as human beings serve God's agenda in one way or another. For example Judas vs. Jesus, both were in the plan of God. One was a vessel of honor, the other a vessel of dishonor. And although God left us in charge, He remains in control and maintains His sovereignty over everything He created. His providence prevails. Needless to say, if the Church can ever stop trying to make Trump (or anyone who holds that position) out to be some kind of hero and focus on God moving behind the scenes, we can go much further and faster.

In hindsight, the Church should have been much more vigilant during prior presidencies to ensure the foundations - our covenant to trust God as a nation - remained intact (Vitale v. Engel, Murray v. Curlett, Roe v. Wade, etc).

Faced with a dilemma, I am torn. Should I vote for Biden, who is just a replica of Obama (the people’s choice, perversion) or another 4 years of Trump which will most likely incite race riots among ethnic groups)? If I side with Biden, the Democratic Party hasn’t really protected Blacks from blatant inequality or murder. Will they start now? I hardly doubt it, not without selling our souls into yet another pitfall of perversion (using civil and/or human rights to mask sexual agendas and preferences). This is truly a disgrace to those who fought, bled and died for human rights. We are essentially trampling their efforts underfoot because the original and true agenda in America has always been equality for Blacks and giving hope to other minority groups. But when a human right has been redefined or re-classified under sexual preferences, we have literally cast their pearls before the swine (Matt. 7:6).

Overall, God’s choice will always look different, probably the polar opposite of what you might expect or think. But remember that unlikely choices give hope to those who are hidden or unsuspecting candidates of God's grace, recipients of uncommon favor to do God’s will (Rms. 8:31; Is. 49:2).

Will you vote the will of God or your own? Note: you must first know His will in order to follow it.

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