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Marching into Victory - A New Life

Main Course: I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses (Joshua 1:3). NIV

Have you ever wondered what it must have felt like to be a slave one day and then free the next day? After hundreds of years in slavery with only an 11-days' journey ahead, freedom was in sight just across the Jordan River for the children of Israel. Perhaps, our victory is closer than we think. While some of us may still need to take a short journey of faith or step across the threshold of the shoreline, victory is at hand. Yes, it's just that simple. God sees our biggest obstacles as merely an 11-days' trip or just a few steps away from His promise. But many times we get sidetracked by fear, doubt and unbelief, better known as the "hijackers" of faith. It is during these times of struggle that we must stand still and see God's mighty hand working things out for our good (Is. 52:10; Rms. 8:28). And although, there was a 40-year delay for the children of Israel, God still kept His promise to them because He is faithful. So even if you have been distracted by the cares of life, fearful of the unknown, or have not obeyed the call to come higher, the Promise is still waiting for you. Focus your heart and mind on the outcome (what God sees), and you will win the victory every time. Rise up in your faith today and hold on to God's Word so you can keep marching into victory to experience Zoe (new life).

Keys to Victory:

  • Meditate on the outcome

  • Focus your heart and mind

  • Listen to God's instruction and obey

Why not let March (the 3rd month of the year), set the tone for the remaining nine months to experience God's best for your life.

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