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20/20 before 2020

Main Course: 9 So he told me to go and give the people this message: “No matter how much you listen, you will not understand. No matter how much you look, you will not know what is happening.” 10 Then he said to me, “Make the minds of these people dull, their ears deaf, and their eyes blind, so that they cannot see or hear or understand. If they did, they might turn to me and be healed.” (Isaiah 6:9-10; cf. Revelation 3:17-18).

Some of you will need 20/20 before 2020 (cf. Elisha + Gehazi) and others will need restoration, restored eyesight through a renewed spirit (cf. Judg. 16:21). Their eyes were gouged out because of transgressions and iniquity in their heart (Ps. 51:10), and it became blind again. Then, there are others who need corrected eyesight/vision, another touch (cf. Mark 823-25). They see men as trees, not as men. These will gain a heart of compassion for my people, a heart of flesh to see as I do and be moved with compassion (Ezk. 36:26; Matt. 9:36).

Eyesight will become very important in the coming days shortly because you will either live or die. No longer will there be others, people to lead you by the way. There will be no props (cf. Matt. 4:4). Elisha will see the revelations and my mysteries. They will have an understanding heart to know the deep mysteries of the Kingdom that Paul talked about and more (Matt. 13:11; 1 Cor. 2:10). They will have revelations and insights to lead the way and give direction.

You will no longer live by your heads, but by your hearts; and if it is found impure, you will fall by the wayside, and stumble by the way. But if the heart has been purified, you will see me and know me always and at all times even in the fire (Mal. 3:1-3; Dan. 3:19-30). You will see before they (the world) will see because you are my sons, which will manifest my glory and power on the earth (Rms. 8:19; Is. 60:1-5).

(prophetic inspiration)

#everything supernatural (Series: By invitation only)

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