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Where is your mountain? Part II

You see, you cannot come on your own; he must call for you (e.g. Esther). Our desire doesn’t allow us to respond properly. And even when “the call” is made, there is struggle, hesitancy and delay. But God remembers His Word, His promises over our lives. So He sends a call to the mountains (the high places) that echoes His voice, calling our names to come up higher. Are the mountains calling your name? The mountain of the Lord is Mount Zion, a place of worship, where only we are able to hear; a place where He can show us all that’s in our heart; a place where He can show us the Word of the Lord for our lives – our next move, season or step (1 Sam 9:19, 27).

Personally, my mountain - my place of worship is Hab. 3:3-4, but later on in life, it will be someplace else. But for now, this is where I belong; and like Abraham, I must climb the mountain and have visit with God to see His glory resting upon me. What a beautiful sight that will be! I can only see it from that vantage point, nowhere else. A mountain view …. Life changing.

Where is your mountain? Will you climb it to see your future? (cf. 2 Kin. 2:10; Josh. 14:12-15)

Song of the Lord:

He will tell me all that’s in my heart

And show me the Word of the Lord that will never depart

I see, I see, I see my place of worship

To be caught up and raptured

In the promise of my future, the King

I will follow Him - my Rock, my Joy, for He’s my everything

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