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Let Go to Live

Main Course: O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good: for His mercy endures forever (Psalm 136:1).

(Thoughts on the Coleman Family tragedy)

Wow, our family could have gotten that phone call. My brother and his family of 6 could have possibly been victims if they had gone on the boat tour just 30 minutes later. The freak storm that killed 9 family members was probably intended for someone, however her family took the hit. Her family was from Indianapolis, Indiana. My brother was from Northwest Indiana. What are the odds of that?!? There are never any coincidences although we like to believe there are. Nothing is by chance whether we figure out the jigsaw puzzle of life or not.

Many people are asking including myself, “how will she make it, continue to live day to day with the memory of such a tragic loss?” And the answer comes back to me, “the same way she died – by letting go.”

Wow, this is a lesson for all of us: it goes deeper than just grabbing your kids and hugging them a little tighter, but if you want to experience life, a new life it will be by letting go. Then you will be rescued miraculously. God has not forgotten about you even when you are facing a storm, have suffered a tremendous loss, are sinking and drowning in the sea of life, tired and can’t go any further. In those trying moments, He is still faithful. So when you let go, you will rise to the top miraculously by His power and His mighty land (Hab. 3:4).

I believe the lesson she will learn to practice everyday is to continue to do what she did when she faced death – let go. To let go of the pain, the memories, the nightmares, the horror, the panic, the unspeakable depths of grief. It won’t happen overnight, or in a year, but it will be each and everyday releasing the pain, hurt and loss over to the One that allowed her to live through it all. And His mercy still endures forever. She survived and was left alive to tell it, the story of His amazing, miraculous power. What a testimony for the world stage to hear and see, but it costs her 9 family members though.

Let us pray for her strength to keep living since the remainder of her days have been earmarked for "earth." May she embrace the hope that she will see her family again, and knowing they are with the Father will bring comfort and peace, Amen.

How will you survive? By letting go.

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