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Stay Full (Part III)

All we have to do is choose to believe that He is.... (Heb. 11:6; cf. Jn. 7:38). This is why Jesus tell us that our only "work" is to believe because if we believe, it unlocks the door for the flow (Jn. 6:29). We don't unlock the door, our belief our concentration is on BELIEVING, the rest is the work of the Spirit - God's Spirit (Eph. 3:20). As a result, we can plainly see in scripture that Jesus is well capable of handling any and all situations from one end of the spectrum to another and everything in between. Therefore, we can take hope and rest assured that He is with us "every step of the way." And we know this because he always shows up as we travel on our journey through life to heal us, to help us and to make us whole again.

Jesus' whole reason and his life was condensed down to one word for us: Believe. This is why we are called born-again believers, not Christians. Our whole entire life is centered around actions that believe God regardless (e.g. Abraham). Consequently, we are considered strange - strangers in a foreign land (a world that believes the opposite or nothing at all). So because we believe God, we must stand still and see the salvation of the Lord with us. But we will not stand against the beliefs of this world if we are not full and stay full drinking from the well. Every place in our lives where there's no rest, it is dry (finances, family, job, health, relationships, etc.) and needs water. We have to drink and then drink UNTIL we are healed, the situation changes so God can get the glory through your testimony of His power working in your life.

Remember: The only way to BELIEVE is to stay full. Did you drink today? (see bonus for more)

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