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A Place Called the Sabbath (Part II)

You must seek His face until you can boldly say, “I know” or “I AM” (Ps. 27:4), period! These are the only 2 places, spaces that you are supposed to live in as a new creature in Christ. This is where Jesus lived in His soul, strengthened by the spirit every day. Is this not your privilege to seek until you know (find), until you can say, “I AM” assuredly, without doubt, and in full confidence. The LORD says, “To be able to say, I know, or I Am is to be like Me – to rest, to be @ peace, to be where I am, to be like Me.” This is why you have a rest-Sabbath and I bid you to come and enter in. It is so you can know, so you can say, “I AM…. And worship provides this privilege to strengthen you against the forces of gravity, this sinful world that says, “You don’t know or you are not” (it is full of doubt, fear and unbelief). Because you don’t fully understand the magnitude of the pull of this world that you have lived in for so long, the soul is riddled with compromises, and you tend to neglect the obvious. You are blind and cannot see afar off – you can’t see the future because you are lacking in your faith to receive – Ps. 34:10; 2 Pet 1:9; Heb. 11:13; 1 Jn. 4:18). But I can use a mustard seed to grow your life (Matt 17:20) under one condition: that you come – everyday (Luke 9:23) - and bow the knee/worship. You will see that your iniquity and struggles are taken away (1 Pet. 5:7a), so you can clearly hear my voice (1 Cor. 14:33) for I delight in you (Is. 45:10-11).”

Simply put: What is the Sabbath? When you believe that God’s Word is enough, and the only road that will get you there is waiting on the Lord, being in His presence because it is a work of the Spirit.

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