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A Place Called the Sabbath (Part I)

Main Course: There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God;...(Hebrews 4:9) NIV

When you feel like you don’t actually or specifically know what God wants you to do, at a particular point and time, then this calls for drastic measures (a commitment to find out, to lodge at Jacob’s well). If you don’t know and/or you’re not sure, it is either because YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW and/or you DO KNOW BUT you’re just unsure. Both are critical to you moving forward and will stall your progress. But in all retrospect, you don’t have anything but time if the most important thing to you is finding out your next move: to know or be sure about what God is saying to you at this particular time. What is this one important thing you must do to move pass this juncture in your life? (cont'd)

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