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The Season of the Lily - Humility (Part II)

God has chosen a path for us that requires humility to pass the test, to cross over into our Promised Land (Heb. 4:12; Job 23:10). God is already waiting on the other side of your "Yes." We have said, "Yes Lord to your will" in our spirit, but He is waiting for the yes in our soul, our hearts down here on earth. The two must sync / agree in heaven as it is on earth to receive the reward (Matt. 6:10).

We are entering a season where the lilies will be brought forth to Pharaoh's house from places of restrictions and limitations; places that God hand-picked only to get us to a certain point in Him, a place of humility (a tomb where we die to our own ability to receive His humility). Then upon our death to self, the flower - the lily blooms and rises out of the valley because we have found our Shepherd (Ps. 23:1; Song 1:7-8; 2:1, 11-13). Now we can rest.

This is the season of the Lily for all those who are clothed in humility, humble themselves and will pass their test to cross over into their Promised Land. God's delight will shine bright upon them for this is a season of rest and a time of reward (Is. 60:1-5). Will you find your rest this season? Your reward is waiting.

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