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Foundations of the Faith (Part II)

Let us not forget that even as true worshipers, Holy Spirit will not let us come tumbling down off the mountain without warning, pleadings and conviction of His Spirit. But if we turn a deaf ear because of our free will, then we will be left to ourselves and perish, thus many have fallen away.

Make these foundations pillars in your lifestyle, mindset and be strengthen (shielded) in God's presence from the evil world that is against it. And you will find peace and rest for your soul to allow your spirit to rule and reign. This a strong foundation (a life that embodies the life of Christ - sacrifice, discipline and humility) that can never be moved, that can stand and endure any storm, temptation or persecution for His name's sake.

Has your faith been moved or shaken by the challenges you face? If so, let the glory of the Lord lay a foundation in you that can move and shake things out of your life to see Him for who He is (Is. 6:4-7; 2 Chron. 20:17).

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