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The 7 eyes of God (Part II)

The 7 eyes have the ability to worship God for who He is and not to be moved, distracted, or intimidated by change even death. The 7 eyes of God doesn’t have a mote or a beam in it anymore, it doesn’t see men as trees, but sees, knows, acknowledges and accepts the truth – the truth of God’s Word.

The 7 eyes of God are only given to worshippers, those with a pure heart (Matt. 5:8). The stone with the 7 eyes means you shall not be moved (Ps. 1:3; Is. 28:16; 1 Sam 17:48) so you can move in confidence, running toward your giant. Everybody has a goliath to face, but only the worshipper can stand tall and hold his ground knowing the gates of hell won’t prevail. They slay him because they see Him high and lifted up, worshippers see the One that sees them – El Roi (Is. 6:-16; cf. Ps. 91:14-15; 20:7; Matt. 16:18). Hold on to these stones, it’s a precious cornerstone.

The 7 eyes of God is perfect vision for our lives, which means we can look in all and any direction and still see God. This Gentile woman didn’t go after what Jesus had or what he could do or give to her, but she went after who he was…..GREATER (….. Someone greater than her circumstance, ….greater than who she was, …greater than what she could do). Her reply to Jesus’ cruel statement was ….”Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table.” I’m inclined to believe she meant “I admit that what you say is true, Lord. But I also know and see YOU Jesus. I recognize who you are, so nothing you say to me that’s not in accordance with what I’m after is going to turn me around” (cf. Jacob’s fortitude and tenacity, Gen. 32:22-32; Ps. 24:6-8). CONT'D

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