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Big Mama's House - Part III

Wisdom helps you walk the tight rope and not lose your balance which is learning to lean on Jesus in tough times, even while going through the wilderness (e.g. Song 8:5: Hos. 2:14). When you have achieved this milestone by the grace of God, you have passed the test and the reward/promotion is knocking at your door (Hab. 3:19; Gen. 26:22). Wisdom’s job is to help you realize and understand that your total reliance and expectation is from the Lord (Ps. 62:5). Her job is to teach you the fear of the Lord, humility (Ps. 34:9-11; Act. 17:28). She does a host of other things too, but her main objective is to move you into a place where you are totally dependent upon God for everything, and this is expressly seen in Joseph’s response to Pharaoh (Gen. 41:16; 49:22-24). She is responsible for preparing you on how to function in your new place, your new home, your new residence, to help acclimate you into the reality of your newfound position in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

While Wisdom teaches us to hear God, Patience teaches us to wait on God. Consequently we have to pass through the fire for that because there are certain things in our human nature, the remnants of sin that just won’t go away, drop off, or leave us unless the fire comes (Jerm. 1:10; 23:29; cf. Acts 28:3).

Patience teaches us to endure the hardships, the shipwrecks, to look death in the face and say, “We believe God anyway” (27:25). She teaches us to shake things off because we’ve already endured and survived the worst of times. We learn to shake the devil off, his attacks and to shake people off - their judgments, ignorance and misperceptions (27:3-6). You see, we must be found worthy to sit in high places and not yield to the systems of this world under pressure. So only fire, the holy flames of the Lord that purifies has the ability to seek out those things that can potentially abort our destiny (Mal. 3;1-3; Ps. 12:6; Jerm. 29:11). Although intimidating, you don’t have to be afraid of the fire, the flames, the smoke or heat because He is with us. We are protected by the Body of Christ; you are in Christ (Is. 43:2; 54:17). --(CONT'D)

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