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Big Mama's House - Part I

Main Course: Listen as Wisdom calls out! Hear as understanding raises her voice! (Proverbs 8).

Just like there are fashion houses, there are also spiritual houses that we must go to for a season to learn about our new life in Christ (Ps. 34:10, Matt. 11:28-20). We must cooperate with Holy Spirit to bring about the work of Jesus Christ in our lives (Philip. 2:12; Eph. 1:11; Heb. 13:21). And there is one main house, Esther’s house (the House of Women) that every committed born again believer must reside in to live a victorious and successful life. Please don’t take “House of Women” as a literal or gender specific term. We are the Bride of Christ so this is not gender restricted, but symbolic of our relationship with Jesus, the Son of God.

In Christ we are made a new creature instantly, but how we will bring glory to God is a day to day process. Joseph, for instance was chosen to glorify God with his life and he embodied a spirit of greatness but not without going to Big Mama’s house. You see his greatness came from the wisdom of God. Wisdom is the principle thing; an answer from God. But it’s also a great accelerator (e.g. Elijah coming down from the mountain with revelation, runs and catches up, and even surpasses the horse and chariots. Joseph was down in prison 1 day, and up in the palace the next – seemingly overnight success). We must ultimately learn how to access wisdom and live in the flow of it. Wisdom coupled with your gift brings greatness so that God gets all the glory. The outcome or the result God is looking for is that people will recognize He is with you, then people recognize that they need the God in you (2 Chron16:9). --(CONT'D).

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