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Spiritual Hygiene (Part III)

Finally, we comb our hair which represents strength. Samson’s hair was cut by the Philistines, the enemy when Delilah tricked/deceived him (Judg. 13:5; 16:16-17). There are situations that happen in our lives when we are sleep in sin or just plain deceived by the enemy. Consequently, our strength is cut off and now we are stuck in a world of trouble. But as times goes on and we continue to come into the Light, walking with Jesus our hair (strength) grows back. And through His abundant mercy and grace we find the joy of the Lord (a weapon of mass destruction) which is our strength that causes us to recover all once again (Judg. 16:29-30; 1 Sam. 30:8; Is. 52:1-3; Ps. 84:7:126; Nehm. 8:10; 1 Cor. 12:9).

Overall, our normal, basic routine of taking a shower (accepting His forgiveness), brushing our teeth (speaking his Word), putting on clothes (accepting his grace/the gift of righteousness), and combing our hair (coming into His presence for strength) is just the baseline to align ourselves daily with God’s plan for our lives (cf. Rms. 12:1-2). If we still find ourselves struggling with these basic fundamentals, then our perfection is placed on hold until the foundation is laid and cannot be shaken (Is. 28:16; Ps. 1:3). Is your spiritual hygiene intact so God can start building?

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