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A Backwards Blessing (Part II)

This type of miracle is given so that others will know that even when we, as servants of the Most High God have run out of life and are empty, bankrupt with no more to give, Jesus will touch our lives to produce the very best in our moments of hopelessness and despair. But notice, this miracle only belongs to those who receive Him (receive His instructions, seek Him) Prov. 8:10; Ps. 24:6; 27:4; Jn. 1:12; 2 Chron. 16:9; cf. Jn. 4:23-24). As the song says: Fill my cup Lord; I lift it up Lord, come and quench this thirsty soul of mine. Bread of heaven feed me til I want no more, fill my cup, I lift up and make me whole).

Jesus gave his gift to meet our need and enough for others around us and called them “instructions.” And those for who are not afraid to follow his instructions, however illogical they may seem will drink and be merry (Jn. 4:10; 15:10; Nehm. 8:10; Ps. 16:11: Eph. 3:20). This “wedding blessing” or “present” is only received by those who love him intimately and without restraint. They will do whatever he asks them to do without questioning his ability, or comparing it to their low-level thinking (a corrupt belief system, called an un-renewed mind). These are servants, true worshipers whom the Lord seeks that behave as the angels do in heaven; they do so quickly and without question (Ps. 103:20-21; cf. Ezk. 1:12, Josh:1:7). **continued**

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