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Turbo change results from flagship behavior - Part V

To summarize, in order to experience turbo change, we must exemplify flagship behavior; give our very best effort to God: wait on Him, seek him with our whole heart, make it a daily practice to trust Him and be willing to use the door that Jesus provided (travail/persist in prayer). These things can supercharge our spirit without fail to recover all (1 Sam. 30:8).

BONUS: You may still have 2 questions lingering in your mind after reading this and that is: What do I do while I am waiting? Answer: Follow the example of Abraham your spiritual father and give glory to God and you will inherit on earth your promise (Rms. 4:20-21).

You may also say, "What if I’m hard pressed for time on some issues in my life?" Answer: You may think it will take a long time for God to answer, but it will happen suddenly because that’s the kind of response you get from the throne room of heaven when you travail in prayer and praise God (Ps. 20:1-3; Acts 12:3-17; 16:25-30 cf. Is. 66:8-9; Zech. 3:9; Jerm. 1:11, Is. 60:22).

If you follow the examples in the Word (scriptures given in this article), no matter how archaic you believe these stories may be and/or how severe and negative the circumstances you may encounter, you will get the same results because God hasn't changed. He is still faithful to reward those who put their trust in Him (Heb. 11:6; 13:8; Ps. 34:10).

Will this be a turbo year for you? When you hook up with Col. 1:27, then you'll experience turbo change.

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