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Turbo change results from flagship behavior - Part I

Main Course: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory….. (Colossians 1:17).

These are the things that will make the biggest impact and give the greatest results in the least amount of time: Wait on God, Hold a charge (be consistent), and Trust in the Lord. I know it seems ironic or just the opposite of doing something, but remember it is not by works lest any man should boast and it is not by our power, our might, but it is by His Spirit that works both the will and do of his good pleasure. So while we may think these requirements are passive, they are powerful actions that activate us to cause the spirit in us to rise and takes place (cf. Eccles. 10:7).

Let's explore these terms a little bit closer and put things into context. Turbo is a motor vehicle equipment with a turbo charger to equip (an internal combustion engine) with a turbo charger. A method of forced induction that uses exhaust gasses to turn a turbine, which in turn drives an intake pump to force more air into the engine.

Flagship – the ship in a fleet that carries the commanding admiral; the best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.

First of all, what does it means to wait on God? It means just that --- and like anything else (i.e. we wait to see the doctor, we wait for our paychecks, we wait at traffic lights, etc.). However if we use our logic, we will rule out waiting on God because we feel there is not enough currency of time due to pressing circumstances or situations. We let the pressures of life lure and push us into making decisions without consulting God first, and the results are usually devastating, disastrous or futile at best.

Interestingly on one hand, it is God that has given us the time anyway and now we don’t have it to give back to him? And on the hand, if we decide to give him back a portion of what he has given us, He measures back to us pressed down, shaken together and running over (Luke 6:38). We just can’t beat His match program. When we take the time to literally not make a move without his consent (wait until he gives us the green light, his approval), it will always produce the best results in any given situation. This is wisdom at its best, which means we don’t have to worry about any backlash or falling short with anything. Our direction from God is sure and solid (Is. 28:16; 55:11) because it is rooted and grounded in His love - His best for us (Jerm. 29:11, Matt. 7:11, Luke 12:32; Ps. 84:11 cf. Rms 8:28; Heb. 6:17-18). (cont'd)

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