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Feet to Leap (Part I)

Main Course: The LORD God is my strength, and He will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and He will make me to walk upon on my high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments (Habakkuk 3:19).

Feet to leap is “lightening flash” obedience to God’s Word on the scale of the 4 living creatures who worship at the throne of God and a faith-filled heart like Abraham, our spiritual earthly father. Abraham circumcised his family and household the same day he was given the covenant (Gen. 17). This is how God wants us to live; this is perfect to Him (just what He wants and desires from us).

Now let’s dissect this a little further. The 4 living creatures move faster than the speed of light. They are immeasurable, incomparable and indescribable in their movement and worship to God. And the only way we will get a chance to experience this type of exuberant joy and heart satisfaction on earth is to worship in the heavenlies. Ezekiel 1:7 describes their feet (the soles of their feet) as bronze or brass which represents our body. As a born-again believer, controlled by the Spirit of God, we should be able to go wherever God commands us to go and do whatever He tells us to do without compromise, hindrances or reservation. The living creatures move quickly and swiftly because their body is under total authority of the Spirit of God. Their will is submitted to His will (wheel in the middle of a wheel). - cont'd

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