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The Ultimate Achilles Heel (Part III)

As children of God, our destiny to please God is already preset and inherent (Eph. 1:4). We just need to master/control our emotions and senses (they run interference on the field of our souls) to experience the reality of God’s goodness in our lives (Luke 12:32; Ps. 84:11; 34:10; Jerm. 29:11). How long will we let the soul control? Either way, one will rule the other (by default, the soul rules; by agreement, the spirit rules). As difficult as it may seem sometimes, we must make this choice every, single day (to agree with God’s Word) until it becomes automatic, 2nd nature (“home”), our new default setting (2 Cor. 5:17; Jn. 17:16).

A question only you can answer: How long will you compromise in pain and settle for crumbs when you have been destined for the throne (greatness)?

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