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Your word is law (Part II)

Let’s deal with this on a more personal level. Your word is law whether you think you are of value / important or not. As a human being, your spoken Word becomes law because of who created you, not who birthed you (John 1:11-13). Why is this important? Because the enemy gravitates to any negative words spoken to bring them to pass in your life or in others (remember John 10:10). Since Satan the prince of darkness, he has rights and rulership over anything negative or evil. Consequently, when you speak evil, he now has a legal right to operate on your territory, to summons demonic spirits because he has been invited based on the language demons speak, understand and carry out. Don’t give him any unnecessary work to keep him employed! (Eph. 4:27; Jam. 3:16).

Unfortunately, he uses one of our main gates (our mouths) to his advantage, deceiving the unsuspecting, the naïve and the bitter soul. The devil uses this strategy of deception consistently against God's people who are still blind and don’t understand how powerful they really are in Christ. The enemy blinds us through our circumstances or our past to deceive and convince us that we don't mean anything to anybody, that we are worthless and useless. Sadly, we tend to forget that our situation or our past does not devalue who we are to God in Christ.

In this state of mind, you can’t help but speak carelessly because you have been persuaded by the enemy that your words or actions don't mean anything when indeed it's just the opposite. Whether you have been through a hard test or are on the mountaintop, your Word still carries as much weight/power in both places; they are Law! You must recognize this and govern yourself accordingly.

David knew the seriousness of not sinning with His mouth (speaking against God’s law regardless of what he felt or what challenges he faced). He was careful not to put another Law into effect that would jeopardize or be against God’s intention for him as king. Let us be faithful and diligent to keep a watch over our mouths (Ps. 141:3) since we will have to give an account for every idle word that was spoken on Judgement Day (Matt. 12:36). Will you watch the main gate? Something to ponder:

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