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The mindset of a Builder (Part I)

Main Course: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies (Psalms 23:5) NIV

Nehemiah was a builder with a mindset of accomplishing an incredible feat. His (name means comforter) had a 52-day assignment; that's 1 year (the wall was 4.5 miles, 16.4 ft wide and 40 ft. high). This was no small feat. He went from being a cup bearer to a Civil Governor in one day because of His mission. He ruled Persian Judea for 12 years (12 sym. God's government that keeps covenant). Nehemiah had a pure heart and he could be trusted with wealth, power, fame and position. But notice God never removed the thorn in his flesh as he was building the wall. He just had to contend with it and continue to pray, stay true to the mission/calling and be discernful (unlike Joshua 9:22 who was tricked/deceived by the Gibeonites). Nehemiah's prayer life afforded him to always have a leg up on the enemy and stay strong.

Have you ever wondered, what is your assignment and furthermore how long is it? Looking at the likes of Jonah - 3 days, Jesus-3.5 years and Nehemiah - 1 year, some assignments are just not that long. When we don't stay on course and venture off the path of righteousness (Ps. 23:3, 16:11), we are a lifetime trying to figure out things (like the children of Israel wondering in the wilderness) because we lack focus (Josh. 5:6). cont’d

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