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3 Main Reasons for our Existence as Believers - Part II

Do His Will: If we do not consult God about what he intended for us, by default we go our own way seeking our own agendas and success. We lay our hands to our own will instead of His Will for our lives, which means we work toward our own good rather than for the kingdom. On the potter’s wheel = situations designed to break us, carve out His likeness and image, and work out His will in us still constitutes God working in our lives. However, many spend their entire lives running from this process, purification and pruning and, of course, never grow past a certain level in their spiritual walk. Our goal and only concern is to do His Will, to do what He called us to do.

Now if you don’t know what that is then the first step is to seek God until He reveals it to you. It is important to note that there are no loopholes, which means God may not reveal His entire Will for us at one time, but we are to start with the piece of the puzzle that we do have. So there is no excuse for us not walking by faith. His Will is our highest call; there is no greater work of accomplishment than to complete His Will. cont'd...

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