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3 Things Jesus knew - Part II

The Holy Spirit’s role becomes super-duper important or how else would we know about all of these good things God has prepared for us, that’s in store for us unless we have someone who can take us back to that place to see and know all of what this Jesus is talking about. Holy Spirit is the only person (He is the only link between heaven and earth assigned to this dispensation of time) who can take us to this place of where we came from; our past with God the Father and subsequently our future in Christ.

You see, Jesus understood His Father, the kingdom, the culture and that everything was His. He actually lived there. Jesus’ position / heavenly status did not change when He came down to earth to redeem man. Likewise and by the same token, we were created by God in Christ for His glory, and nothing changed about that except for our relationship with God. We only needed to agree on earth to what was already predestined for us in heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

Now since we are a 3-part being: spirit, soul and body, the spirit is on-board with the will and plan of God for our lives (2 Cor. 5:17), but it must grow and mature in the knowledge of God because we were born in a broken state (in an earthly dimension). In addition, we must forge ahead on the journey to possess our souls to get on board for it to agree with God’s plan as well, which is renewing our mind. Sadly for most of us, it takes a lifetime. The body (actions) is automatic since it follows the decisions of the mind. (cont'd) ...

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