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What we lost and seek to gain - Part V

To recap, first Satan got Adam & Eve to let go of the Word of God. The truth was replaced with a lie (they yielded to temptation); and secondly, the corresponding effect to that action was lost eyesight. They now had a blinded mind and a blinded heart where they could no longer see God.

After salvation, the eyes of the heart are the single most absolute, critical function of being able to successfully follow the Lord. Our trust must be restored back to its proper place, and we must be able to see God again (even like Adam & Eve in the garden – every day). We must make a conscious decision in these last and evil days that we will be fully restored back to God, the Father, which enables us to function in life, walk as Jesus did; live the life of Christ. As a born-again believer, this is our job; this is our destiny. We were created for no other reason than to follow and serve God.

Many of us are so side tracked by the cares of this life, but Lord let your Light come into our hearts and souls, and shine in brightness so we can see the err of our ways and turn to you (2 Chron. 7:14; Hab. 3:3-4).

Are you ready to see God high and lifted up in your life and live like Jesus? His life was perfect and ours is too by His grace; so let’s start acting like it! Spit out the devil’s lies and believe God again.

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