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What we lost and seek to gain - Part II

#1 our belief in God which includes our faith, trust, and honor, and consequently #2 our spiritual eyesight was lost (shattered by sin – disobedience to God and His Word). These 2 elements are critical to sustaining our walk with God once we are born-again.

The first thing that Adam and Eve lost was their trust in God, His Word, and the second was their spiritual eyesight to see God. Notice when Satan had convinced Eve enough in her mind, the follow-up action was that she ate the fruit. She wasn’t just eating the fruit; she was eating the lie of Satan (yielded to temptation). That’s why it was important for Jesus to be tempted. He re-did what Adam & Eve did the right way; he overcame, did not yield to Satan but fed himself the Word of God instead. Jesus made the right choice so we could have the right template to pattern our lives after his response (the 2nd Adam, not the 1st Adam).

So Jesus’ life becomes extremely important to the believer if we choose to follow Christ. Everywhere Jesus made a statement or acted on behalf of the kingdom of God should be our response. Period. And this is how we will overcome in this world just as He did (by trusting God, holding fast to his Word, and daily fellowship with the Word, God Himself). Our relationship with God must be like cement, an anchor in our lives. It is the very foundation on which we build, fight and defend – depend on in life. cont'd ...

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