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Sacrifices of Righteousness - Part II

Under the old covenant, God either accepted or rejected their sacrifices; but under grace and truth, there are different levels of acceptance: good, acceptable, and perfect Will of God (this is what we give to God), and 30-60- and 100 fold is our return (what God measures back to us). He measures back to us based upon the condition of the heart, the quality of the sacrifice given. Most of the time, this has nothing to do with money as many hirelings have misused and abused this concept. God is after the heart, treasure hidden in earthen vessels. He can do a whole lot more with a pure heart that has little than an unclean heart with plenty (e.g. 2 fish, 5 loaves of bread - Jn. 6:5-14).

Acceptance ---> offering ---> conformed ---> renew mind ---> heart to please God

God accepts your offering based on whether you give it or not and how you give it, which is directly related to how much you are conformed to image of Christ, which is directly related to how much your mind is renewed (adhere to the mind of Christ), which is directly related to the condition of the heart. As a result, you receive from God based upon the condition of your heart; so that’s why it is urgent and important that it is clean and remains clean. cont'd...

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