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The Art of Waiting on God - Part III

Canaan land, which is our spiritual promise land in spirit, soul, mind and body. It is territory we take back from the enemy, gathered in the earth realm by yielding to the Spirit of God in us (Eph. 3:20; Matt. 6:10; 1 John 4:17b; Ezk. 37:18b; Gen. 26:22).

Further examination indicates the renewed mind supports the Word of God that is spoken in our spirit (rhema) so we can eventually do it. Walls in a house need frames, beams, joists, or pillars – a good support system to hold up the weight of the structure. Likewise our renewed mind is a support system that holds up the structure of our new life in Christ (Matt 7:24-29). It carries the weight of the Spirit and the knowledge of God, and it also has the capacity to carry the load from one destination to another so we won’t be crushed under the pressures of life.

In light of this untapped potential, we can now understand why the enemy so fiercely and vigorously defends the strongholds that are cemented in our souls. It almost seems like the devil has beat us to the punchline, but that’s only because he knows that he has no fighting chance when the power of God arrives, is activated in our lives. cont'd...

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