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The Art of Waiting on God - Part II

Now since the answer God gives us requires faith, it will maximize our time to get the best results. Let’s call this the 11-day plan. You see, we were born into the system of a 40-year plan (slavery, bondage and sin) and all of our knowledge is from this system (Deut. 1:2, Rms. 12:2). As born-again believers, many of us still toil and sweat under this system of slavery because our minds have not been renewed to the truth of God’s Word that we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ (Josh. 1:7-9; Philip 2:5; Rms. 8:16-17).

Unfortunately, many of us don’t even know what that means (being an heir and joint heir); and sadly we don’t even take the time to learn what it means. As a result, we remain clueless and ignorant - fruitless and unproductive in the Kingdom of God. Our lives barely change or either we plateau out, settling for the crumbs when God has given us the table; but the table is only for those who trust in Him (Ps. 23:4). Each time we trust Him, we are able to eat off that table prepared for us. Each time we don’t, we succumb to crumbs. Lord, take away the desire for crumbs and give us an appetite, a palette for the table - the fullness of your Spirit, the perfection of Christ. cont'd...

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