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How to open your spiritual ears - Part IV

There is the generation that will seek the face of God (Ps. 24:4-6; 27:7-8; Gen. 32:24-32; Is. 6:1), seek to know him and the reward will be the glory of God upon us to change us, and with us to change situations around us. The smoke will fill the temple, we are His temple (1 Cor. 6:19). This is a generation that has been reserved in righteousness, a remnant reserved, preserved for such a time as this (Esth. 4:14, cf. Is. 6:13; 54:14; Judg. 7:8). The Bible plainly states: “O Jacob” which references his experience with God that can be used as a template to see God. His determination was, “I’m going to seek you God until things change around here.” For us, it is we will not stop seeking your face until we see your glory come, the only thing that can change us, the only thing that can empower us to bring change so that your glory can be seen. (Is 40:4-5; 2 Chron. 20:12; Hab. 3:3-4).

So with all this at stake of what this world is about to face, will you answer the call? Will you remain silent? Will you not seek God’s face? Will you not put in the time, make the necessary sacrifices, and changes? Will you not be about your Father’s business – your assignment he gave to you? If you remain silent, choose not to give up your life (cf. Matt 16:25), this blessing of His glory (protection and prosperity) will pass over you and you will be destroyed, perish (Ps. 2:12; Hos. 4:6). Will you remain silent? ...Your choice, your destiny.

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