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How to open your spiritual ears - Part II

Some of us may be plagued with a deaf and dumb spirit (Mark 7:31-27) where we cannot hear from God although He is speaking to us all the time trying to lead and direct our lives in the way we should go, according to the plan of God (Jerm. 29:11; Jn. 14:26; 16:13). However because we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity, the residual effects of sin, although born-again can still linger on (Ps 51:5; Job 14:1). Sometimes if an offense has occurred it can also block you from hearing certain things. Only when we begin to seek the face of God are we able to discern what the real problem / hindrance is of not hearing His voice/answer - what God wants us to hear (Ps. 27:7-8; Is. 6:10-11).

The spirit of condemnation, the voice of a stranger seeks to accuse, judge and criticize our every move and failure with God. This tactic drives us to disappointment of what’s the use, and we give up on seeking God.

Now the strategy of the enemy is to keep us leaning on the arm of the flesh, depending on ourselves or others even the world system for answers. He knows we’ll lose every time so he lures us into these places of self-sufficiency, the pride of life, working things out for ourselves. He uses our failures and disappointments as our track record with God. The enemy is hoping to distort our view and perception of God, his goodness, kindness and mercies and distort our taste / appetite to seek him for what we need. cont'd...

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