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Beyond our control, but in charge of our hearts - Part III

As we learn to acknowledge him…..this is the wisest and safest choice to run things by God first. Acknowledge that he knows all things and that His input counts in order for us to secure and ensure the victory for the job that lies ahead. David knew who and what his priority was - God’s help and his opinion about the matter (Prov 3: 4-7; cf. Matt 6:33). This the most important requirement for restoration: Ordered steps – every step of the way (cf. LovePsalms, pg. 59). Your steps must be ordered by The Lord because we do not know how to get there or where to go and even what to do (cf. Josh 3:4; cf. Luke 5:4 - Peter’s catch). To obey God is to lean, rely and trust Him, which is to depend on Him and to follow Him. This is the obedience that is required to recover all, to come up out of the wilderness (1 Sam 30:16-18; cf. Song 8:5). We must be on holy ground, the road to recovery so he can order our steps. As a result, God can now instruct us and lead us in the way that we should go (Ps. 32:8). Holy ground means we must now trust the Lord instead of ourselves. cont'd...

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