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Beyond our control, but in charge of our hearts - Part II

This is something we struggle with for years, the post-traumatic stress which can linger on in our minds year after year, the memory is etched in our imagination hindering us from moving forward, from trusting God and others which causes us to bypass opportunities to experience new, better and greater in life. The greater lesson in all this for us is that lending and depending upon God (obedience to His Word) is the only way we will experience restoration. Obedience to His Word, following His spirit that talks to our spirit is the only way we will have the ability and strength, the strategy, fortitude and tenacity to bounce back in record time. Joshua received numerous instructions before the Israelites ever invaded the promise land. We have to be properly prepared in the spirit, things have to be re-prioritized / set in order to secure the win, and have maximum impact to recover all. For instance in David's life, he knew who to approach for answers, God, when faced with situations where the enemy had ripped him off. God's response was "surely you will overtake them and without fail recover all" (1 Sam 30:16-18). cont'd...

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