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The Finisher (the full reward) - Part III

There will be no crown of righteousness awaiting us (i.e. David - Acts 13:36; Paul - 2 Tim 4:7; Jesus - Jn 19:28, 30). How can it be when we choose not to live in it, embrace it daily. The Holy Spirit will be standing there with all the times when He came and knocked on the door of our heart and we refused to let him in (Rev 3:20). He will not be able to present us faultless because we never let him finish the work in us. Only those who allowed him to complete his task in our lives, complete the work in us will be presented faultless and receive a full reward (Rev 3:21).

We ought not to use examples of OT shortcomings of the old nature to get over, continue in our own selfish desires. We need to yield continuously to the Holy Spirit to let him finish the work he started in us so he can present us faultless in the end (Philip 1:6). There would be no greater joy and pleasure than for Him to do this for Jesus. Holy Spirit is the Finisher and he is commissioned to finish the work that was started in us. If he is able to do this, a full reward will be granted to us, to sit with Jesus in the throne.

The Holy Spirit has been sent to help us; now will you finish?

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