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The Finisher (the full reward) - Part II

Paul talks about this: people who try to get by with a sinful lifestyle and yet claim to be a saint frustrate the grace of God, grieve the Holy Spirit (Gal 2:21; Eph 4:20; cf Matt 7:16). Poor excuses many use to continue to let the flesh control their lives instead of allowing the Spirit to help mortify the deeds of their flesh (Rms. 8:13). And on judgment day our many hearts will reveal that we never intended to overcome in the first place. Our heart was never fixed to trust God for a deliverance that was already paid for on the cross. And now everything we did for God will be burned up and we will scarcely make it in (1 Cor 3:13-15).

We are called to live victorious lives, period...This is not perfection but a life that is pleasing to God out of a sincere/pure heart this is why David was so highly esteemed by God himself. A life of faith like Abraham our spiritual father, who trusted/ believed God even if he had to kill his own son. This is what God is looking for excellence to live in Him, abide in Him - (John 15:1-7; Acts 17:28; Philip 4:13). We should not seek occasion to fulfill the flesh and then abuse scripture to justify our acts (Rms 3:23; I Jn 2:1, Heb 4:16). Notice these passages are NT scriptures, so they are for us today because God already knew we would sin, at times we would be unstable in our faith (potential for doubt that results in falling short - Rms 14:23) so he made allowance for this through his Word (no one can take that away from us according to Rms 8:33-34 and we are not condemned (Rms 8:1). Now, the determining factor is this: Truth always reveals the condition of the heart (2 Chron 16:9). Make no mistake God is very much aware of the situation in our hearts. He's the Creator and He retains all rights - cont'd...

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