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The Anointed Yoke - Part II

The harsh reality of all of this is that whether you serve your fleshly desires or walk in the spirit you will be yoked. But it's only His yoke that truly sets us free - not to be bound to anything that will lead us astray from Him. The anointed yoke will break you free from any other yoke that tries to bind you, entangle you, or distract you from receiving God's best (Gal 5:1: Is. 52:2; 58:6). This yoke has the power to loose you from the bands of wickedness, to break you away from the law of sin and death (Rms 8:2). This yoke is an asset and not a liability; strength instead of struggle (Matt. 11:28-30). Only those who have grown tired and weary (those who are willing to deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow Him) will have the right mindset to accept His yoke (Matt. 16:24). Do you still feel that His yoke is hard, a struggle, a burden? Then ask Him for a fresh perspective to see as He sees, and make Humility your new best friend.

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