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Who is This - Part II

She made an exchange from her works to His righteousness – grace, His work on the cross is good enough for her. So she rests assured He won’t fail her – that He will not leave or forsake her (He dispels all of her abandonment issues). Like Sara, she judged Him faithful that promised, which means after she's looked at all the evidence presented, heard all the testimonies, witnesses, the reports (people's opinions, rationalities and human intellect), she still found no fault in Him. Her posture had changed from self-sufficiency to humility/dependence, yet maturity. She had learned to trust and depend on God, stand on His Word, and He brought her up out of the wilderness. If you need to come up out of ....the wilderness, ... Egygt, ... the valley, the only requirement is to trust and depend on Him (Prov. 3:4-5). This is the wisest choice you will ever make. Are you ready to come up?

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