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The Warning Signs are All There

Main Course: "Because this people has rejected the gently flowing waters of Shiloah and rejoices over Rezin and the son of Remaliah,...(Isaiah 8:6).

God is uncovering America for the world to see because we have chosen to serve the golden calf, the gold/idols of this world. We have lifted ourselves up in pride and now the nations of the world will truly see how poor, naked, miserable and shameful we really are. However painful this maybe, this is the working of God to get our attention to open our eyes to see how God sees us (Heb. 12:11); and DT is just part of the purposes of God to reveal the nastiness of America. He is the direct personification and embodiment of America who has everything. She is wealthy overflowing with riches and abundance, but she cares nothing about the poor. She has many fine garments, but does not clothe others. She sits in her comforts, but she is empty and miserable, full of anxieties, worries and cares. She is wretched, dominated by a life of sin and death and therefore, she is helpless with no one to rescue her.

DT represents the true image of what America has become in the eyes of God, and He is angry and annoyed with us, even with his church…..God is waiting to see if and who will heed the call, lest he come and smite/destroy us all. You may say, “Oh God will never destroy us, he is a loving God.”….. Do not be deceived, He is only merciful to those that turn to him….. Hab. 3:1-2; 2 Chron. 7:14 are not just a collective effort, but an individual call as well. Don’t wait on them, start with yourself for I am a righteous God, and I will not destroy the righteous with the wicked.

(The warning signs are all there,…..look, look, and you will see)

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