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A Backwards Blessing (Part I)

Main Course: Jesus said to the servants, "Fill the jars with water"; so they filled them to the brim (John 2:7).

Have you ever been at a time in your life when you have run out? And it’s time to push the panic button? You are in the middle of making a transition, and then the bottom falls out from underneath. Maybe you were in the middle of rebuilding your life and then you were laid off or in the process of making a major purchase and now that decision is going to be heavily impacted and in a negative way if not for a miracle. It could be something even internal like getting over the passing of a loved one when yet another person gets critically ill and it looks like there’s going to be a repeat of heartache again. Well, God can even meet us in these awkward, transitional, hopeless, desperate moments. Yes God is even there too (cf. Ps. 139).

It is in these times that a special, hand-delivered gift by the Chiefest and the Fairest of 10,000 is in order. Jesus presented a backwards blessing, wine with a twists; he saved the best for last. If you can handle the twists and turns of life then you will appreciate a backwards blessing. If you can come to know and understand that you were withheld from certain things for a reason to serve a greater purpose down the road, then you certainly qualify and deserve only by the grace of God this momentous, celebratory and divine blessing. **continued**

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