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3 Things Jesus knew - Part I

Main Course: Jesus knew who He was - God’s Son. Jesus knew where he came from - sent from the Father. Jesus knew His mission - to redeem man, the Father’s Will (John 8:42).

Our main glitch in truth is that we don’t have a pre-existing, past experience to relate back to. While Jesus came from heaven to earth, His past entailed eternal life, everlasting life and the glory of God. But we were born into a broken state of humanity with no past recollection of this glorious life that supposedly exists for us. It remains a fantasy and a mystery until we come into a certain level of knowledge and revelation about where we actually came from, our pre-existence / predestined life (Rms. 8:28-31).

When Jesus came and died on the cross for us, He brought the past, present and future together in one moment. Consequently, all the missing pieces were restored back. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, we now have a chance to get a glimpse into what our pre-destined lives were like upon acceptance of Christ. Our born-again spirit, Holy Spirit, and the mind of Christ give us the opportunity to go back in time and mend those broken pieces. A renewed mind helps to speed up the process so we can experience our promise land, our destiny here and now on this earth. Our renewed mind reconnects us back to the future, and enables us to shift into that which is unseen and unknown to us in the natural to experience wholeness in the present and future; rather than remain in a lifestyle of brokenness. (cont'd) ...

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