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The Art of Waiting on God - Part IV

Considering our new position in life with God, our wait time becomes extremely important, very critical in that “in Him we live and move and have our being; and without Him we can do nothing” (Acts 17:28, John 15:5, cf. Philip. 2:13). This is our perfection in Christ to become more like Him every day, to be conformed into His image (Rms. 8:30).

Now the strategy of the enemy is to keep us from seeing that every time we trust God, it eventually gets easier and easier until it becomes not second nature, but it is our nature (living out of our new nature as originally intended). We have finally arrived at that place in Him where we don’t consult ourselves first or the world system, but God. We really don’t realize how perverse we live (backwards, upside down) until we encounter truth and start living it out on a daily basis. The only thing that can cure the remnants of sin is to renew our minds; think like God so we can act like Him in the earth realm. This is His highest expectation of us – to be like Him; these are the true sons of God. cont'd ...

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